About Us

“When little people are overwhelmed, it’s our job to share our calm, not join their chaos.”

- L. R. Knost

Want To Know What One of the Biggest Challenges Our Kids Are Navigating Right Now?


Calmer Kids offers educational support and resources designed to give children, parents, teachers and early educators the tools to apply yoga and mindfulness practice to every day life.

With the alarming increase of mental illness in Australia and the ongoing pressure and stresses for the next generation, we are passionate about sharing the transformational practice of yoga, mindfulness and breath with as many children as possible.




How we can help your family move forward

We believe mental health is more about wellness than illness and our goal is to help support and maintain healthy minds in Australia.

Our tools and materials are accessible, easy to use and targeted at specific ages from as young as 3 years to 14 years to best suit the needs of your individual students and individual schools.

We offer a combination of mindfulness, breathing and physical movement practices which encompass relaxation, concentration, performance, resillience and self awareness. Our materials and programmes are available online to use in your classroom straight away as well as class, workshop and training formats.

A little bit about who we are and what we believe!

Meet Sisters
Helen and Michelle

Share a big vision of helping little people. Together, they share a collective 28 years teaching experience. Michelle comes with a wealth of 18 years teaching in primary schools as well as Deputy Principal and Leadership roles. Helen is an experienced yoga teacher trainer and children's yoga and mindfulness teacher.

Together they aspire to create positive change in schools and early education settings, to improve health and wellbeing of whole communities.

Helen Boniface

Helen fell in love with yoga in her early twenties, finding the practice at a time she was experiencing stress and anxiety in her life. It was through the benefits of pranayama (breath control) and meditation that really transformed her life and inspired her to go on and teach others. Helen has a wealth of teaching experience under her belt, including over 1500 hours in teacher trainings and has been leading teacher training courses here on the Sunshine Coast since 2016. Helen also has a background in Worldwide retreats.

With the rising amount of pressure and stress in our world, and as a mother of twins herself, Helen’s life purpose is to support children, parents and teachers through the practices of yoga and mindfulness. Her passion is to help create a World that supports young people to develop the ability and tools to navigate through life's challenges in a healthy way. Helen shares the profound wisdom of yoga with children in a fun and inspirational way that enables children, parents and teachers to grasp concepts and tools for every day life. She does this creatively through the use of breath, mindfulness and movement that is interactive and engaging for children. 

Michelle Cole

Michelle is an experienced teacher and was a Deputy Principal of a large primary school for over 5 years. Over the past 18 years she has taught and lead in a variety of schools in England and Australia. Her impact on raising attainment and outcomes for pupils led to her being awarded a ‘Specialist Leader of Education’ award by the National College of Teaching in 2015.

She is passionate about pedagogy and creating school communities where staff and pupils feel inspired to reach their full potential. Her success with doing this at her school in England resulted in her being asked to support other schools in the area. She has led a wealth of professional development sessions for teachers, senior staff, and trainee teachers; including growth mindset, formative assessment and the Teaching Sequence for Writing. Her recently published research paper for the Institute of Effective Education explores strategies to develop reading attainment and engagement for pupils in Grades 4 to 6.

Michelle achieved her lifelong goal of moving from England to the Sunshine Coast in 2019. She loves being nearer to her family – especially her twin nieces Ava and Ella! The increased focus on NAPLAN tests and outcomes since she last taught in Australia 10 years ago inspires her to support leaders and teachers to strategically balance the development of high quality pedagogy and outcomes with practical strategies of self-care, stress reduction and resilience; for pupils and for staff.

See What Our Families Have To Say About Working With Us!

I have two daughters, both with Autism plus multiple other diagnosis, and we all felt nothing short of welcomed in with open arms. The supervisory staff asked what my girls' needs were, how best to accommodate them, risk factors etc. All staff went absolutely above and beyond in every way. The girls thrived in the environment created by Calmer Kids. They felt included, valued and like they had found their tribe. In addition, they learned valuable self regulation and awareness skills that they continue to utilise in their daily lives.